50 Things You Could Do This Summer (Ideas)

50 Things You Could do This Summer - blog title

Hello my lovely Truuties,

Summer is on its way! I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to plan my summer properly so that I can make the most of it! 🙂 The first step (in my opinion) for planning the summer is having some ideas of what sort of things you might like to do. I had a think about it, came up with some things to do, looked online for more ideas and now have my own list. Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas for the summer and maybe help you plan in advance. I’ve added things that I personally won’t be doing but some of you lovely Truuties might like to do. So this is ’50 Things You Could Do This Summer’ (in no particular order)! 🙂

  1. Go for a walk in the countryside
  2. Go camping
  3. Go cycling
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Go to the beach
  6. Travel within the country you live in (e.g. explore the capital city)
  7. Make summery drinks (e.g. homemade lemonade, smoothie…)
  8. Make ice lollies
  9. Do lots of photography
  10. Have a photoshoot with friends
  11. Go shopping
  12. Try an unusual or new flavour of ice cream
  13. Do a charity event
  14. Write blog posts/start a blog
  15. Go to a different country
  16. Have your own pamper evening
  17. Put together a summer playlist
  18. Go strawberry picking
  19. Have a water fight
  20. Watch the sunrise
  21. Watch the sunset
  22. Get some new room decor/reorganise your room
  23. Have a tech-free day/s
  24. Do some gardening
  25. Practice a skill you want to improve on
  26. Invite a friend round for a sleepover
  27. Make a den outside (hehe)
  28. Spend time with family
  29. Spend time with friends
  30. Read a certain number of books
  31. Do some baking
  32. Make a fruit sorbet (e.g. watermelon sorbet)
  33. Go to a cafe and have a summery drink (e.g. smoothie)
  34. Go to the cinema
  35. Write a diary or keep a personal video diary
  36. Study
  37. Start a YouTube channel
  38. Do some art and craft
  39. Choreograph a dance/compose some music/write a poem…
  40. Start learning a new language
  41. Go to a concert
  42. Do some DIY
  43. Start a business
  44. Sort out stuff you don’t need any more
  45. Play sports
  46. Eat healthily
  47. Have a garden party/barbeque with friends and/or family
  48. Get a haircut/new hairstyle
  49. Relax and reflect
  50. Do what you enjoy

I know that nearly everyone (including me) won’t do all of the things on this list but I’d like to encourage you all to do number 50. Do what you enjoy. Whether you’re extremely busy, not busy at all or going through a hard time, try to enjoy your summer. It’s not about doing what the media tells you to do during this season. It’s not about what you’re expected to do. We don’t all enjoy spending our time in the same ways. It’s about finding what your heart tells you to do and choosing to do what brings you joy.

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

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I would love to hear from you in the comments!

What are you going to do in the summer? Please leave a comment sharing your own ideas!


Affordable Summer Outfits

Hello my lovely Truuties,

(Reading the title, some of you might have thought, “That’s quite late for a summer post!”. I know, it is. But I was very busy and I never got round to writing this earlier on. Sorry!)

I don’t think I have done a fashion related post on this blog yet so I thought I would, for this week’s post. I love fashion, I’ve always done! But I don’t think it is about wearing the same things as everyone else, I think it is about finding your own personal style and feeling confident in the clothes you wear!

Summer is probably my favourite season for fashion as there are so many different types of clothes you can wear in the season (e.g. I don’t wear just jeans or something like that, I wear shorts too!).

So these are some of my summer outfits for this year!


This £4 top is from Primark (I bought it last year), I really love the striped design! It is see-through, so I wear something underneath…I just got a black vest from Primark which was £2.50.

The shorts are from Forever21, I’m very sorry but I don’t remember the price. It was very affordable, though! And the quality is great! It as a really nice bronze button and the overall look of these shorts are so cute! I think you can get these same shorts but ripped, too.

You can definitely pair the top with some jeans or a different pair of shorts, as well! The shorts will go with other tops, too!


This navy and white stripy top is from Forever21 and I bought it for £8. It is actually a crop top but I got I slightly larger size and paired it with some high-waisted shorts.

The shorts are from New Look and the quality is really good! There are three buttons and I think that makes the outfit look more interesting!

This outfit doesn’t look so good without someone wearing it. But anyway, I love the flower patterns in this top. I got it from a charity shop, for £2 I think! The black jeggings are from the children’s section in Primark (hehe) and I think they were roughly £3? They are really stretchy and seem more like leggings than jeans, unlike most of the adult sized jeggings.

The top is from New Look and it has a nice metallic pink colour. It isn’t the type of colour or sleeves I would usually wear so at first it felt a bit strange wearing it. But soon I got used to it haha. It was £3.

The black jeans are from Primark, they were £8 and good quality! They are called ‘super high-wasted skinny jeans’.


I got this lovely mint top from Primark for half price – £2! This (like the one from Forever21) is a crop top but they didn’t have my size (and I don’t really wear crop tops) so I got a larger size and wear it as a normal top with my high-waisted jeans.


Lastly, I have this pretty yellow dress. I love the colour and the simplicity of this dress so much! I got it from H&M and it was £6.79.

I hope this has encouraged some of you to have your own fashion sense no matter what the price or brand of the clothes. I like reading fashion blog posts but when I find out that the items I really like are very expensive and I can’t afford them, I feel a little disappointed. So, I thought I might share my affordable fashion so that anyone like me can relate to fashion posts more!

heart designI have been finding it difficult to post every single week so I am thinking of posting just every two weeks. I’m so sorry! If I have more time sometimes, I will try to post twice every two weeks.

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

What is your favourite brand of clothing? Have you got any of these clothes that I mentioned? What’s your fashion style like? Did you like this post? How could I have improved it? Would you like more posts like this?

Enjoying the Beauty of Summer

Hello my lovely Truuties,

When I go on holiday, I always take loads of photos and have lots of fun! I love travelling! This summer, I’m not going on holiday apart from the camp I went to recently, which was in England (where I live).  This doesn’t mean that I can’t take loads of photos and have lots of fun.

Often, in England, we say: “Uh, it always rains here.” or “I’ll be better spending my summer in a different country.”.  But when it is hot and it doesn’t rain, we say: “It’s too hot!” or “I can’t stand the heat!”. I know, sometimes we do say things like: “Lovely weather, isn’t it?”. But maybe we don’t appreciate our good weather enough. Maybe we aren’t as thankful as we should be.

In today’s post, I’d like to share with you some of the photos I have taken this summer. I didn’t go abroad, I’m enjoying the beauty of summer in England.

I’d like to encourage any of you who are not going on holiday this summer, to make the most of the season by taking a look around at the beauty of the country or area you live in.


Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Have you been on holiday this summer? Are you going to go on holiday this summer? Are you staying in the country you live in this summer? Have you recently posted some summery photos on your own blog? What’s summer like where you live? Any thoughts on this post?

Back to blogging! 

Hello my lovely Truuties!

I’m back after a break (2 and a half months!)! I wasn’t planning for it to be a break. I became busy. Every week I told myself, “No, I’ll do it next week.”. Blogging began to feel like something I had to do rather than something exciting. All that time I spent doing other things like watching YouTube videos – my blog wasn’t a priority anymore. Blogging should never make anyone feel that way. It should be enjoyable and fun!

I thought, “What do I really want to achieve through my blog? How do I want to feel when writing blog posts?” For the past 2 and a half months, I had the wrong attitude towards my blog, I had the wrong mindset. But I’m back, starting fresh, with a better attitude and a better mindset. I don’t want to let myself down, and, of course, I don’t want to let all you amazing readers down! I want to help people, I want to encourage people, I want to make new friends and I just want to do good things to impact other people and myself through my blog. I’m not going to give up that dream.

Now it is the summer holidays, I have more time to think and relax, and take a rest. I will try to post every week (probably on the weekends). I might make some changes to my ‘about page’ and I have already made some changes to how I address my readers – you may have noticed at the beginning of the post.

If you would like any advice, would like to contact me for any reason or would just like someone to chat to, feel free to email me! My blog email is: truutyblog@outlook.com

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The lovely Grace (from Graciellen) is going to be doing a collab with me sometime this summer! We will be doing a Q&A about our faith (we are Christians) and we would really love it if you could send in your questions to us! You can do this by commenting on any of our blog posts or emailing us (truutyblog@outlook.com or graciellen@hotmail.com) or contacting Grace through her social media accounts which you will be able to find on her sidebar on her blog.

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

What questions do you have for the Q&A Grace and I are doing together soon? How do you think bloggers should feel when writing a post? Have you ever felt how I felt (as described in the first paragraph)? What are you doing this summer?