Affordable Summer Outfits

Hello my lovely Truuties,

(Reading the title, some of you might have thought, “That’s quite late for a summer post!”. I know, it is. But I was very busy and I never got round to writing this earlier on. Sorry!)

I don’t think I have done a fashion related post on this blog yet so I thought I would, for this week’s post. I love fashion, I’ve always done! But I don’t think it is about wearing the same things as everyone else, I think it is about finding your own personal style and feeling confident in the clothes you wear!

Summer is probably my favourite season for fashion as there are so many different types of clothes you can wear in the season (e.g. I don’t wear just jeans or something like that, I wear shorts too!).

So these are some of my summer outfits for this year!

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Back to blogging! 

Hello my lovely Truuties!

I’m back after a break (2 and a half months!)! I wasn’t planning for it to be a break. I became busy. Every week I told myself, “No, I’ll do it next week.”. Blogging began to feel like something I had to do rather than something exciting. All that time I spent doing other things like watching YouTube videos – my blog wasn’t a priority anymore. Blogging should never make anyone feel that way. It should be enjoyable and fun!

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