10 Ways to ‘Spice Up’ Your Autumn

'Spice Up' Your Autumn - blog title

Hello my lovely Truuties,

In some countries, autumn is a season that can sometimes seem dull. In some countries, it’s the best season ever! Although I’m in rainy England (personally I love the rain though…but not when it’s to do with natural disasters…), I think there is so much beauty in it so today I’m going to share with you some things that have helped me to really value and ‘spice up’ the season! Whether you love it already or not, hopefully, this could give you a few ideas! 🙂

♥ Enjoy the outdoors – There is so much to discover during autumn. The leaves fall with crispness and colour, the air feels fresh, the wildlife is gorgeous, you can wrap up and feel cosy and just admire the autumnal atmosphere of the outdoors. As you can see in some of these photos, I went on a little bike ride with my mum, which was so lovely! Also, last week I went on a nice walk with my dad and we came up with some great conker puns – it was a load of fun! (‘Conker-ing my fears’ etc…)


♥ Hot drinks – A good hot chocolate is something I always look forward to. Whatever your prefered hot beverage is, I do suggest warming-up cosily with it and taking some time to relax. It is so lovely to have a hot drink on a cold day and to treat yourself to that exquisite deliciousness!

♥ Embrace the nostalgia – I don’t know about you, but sometimes, during autumn, I catch a moment of nostalgia. There’s something in the atmosphere and recognisable-ness of the season that creates memories with such clarity that I often feel nostalgic about things that have happened in past autumns. It’s a beautiful thing. So if you ever feel that kind of nostalgia, please, don’t let it go right away – I think it is wonderful to embrace that feeling for a little moment.


♥ Positivity – Instead of thinking, ‘It’s so dull and rainy.’ perhaps we could change that for a, ‘I love seeing the seasons change!’? Honestly, I think there is so much to be positive about during autumn! I mean, just read through this list; there’s a lot of wonderfulness about this season! 🙂


♥ Savour every moment – Let’s not get lost thinking about what we’re about to do next all the time. It’s something I’ve struggled with a lot but I’m gradually learning to fully live in the ‘now’ because I know that every moment is so precious! You know what? This year’s autumn will never come again – why let it pass without savouring each and every moment?

♥ Excitement without the rush – CHRISTMAS IS COMINGGGG!!!! I do love Christmas…a lot. But I want to make the most of this autumn without rushing on to the Christmas vibes. As exciting as it is, autumn has wonders of its own so I’m going to be excited without ignoring the beauty of now. 🙂


♥ Be inspired – Nature can give us lots of inspiration. For example, if you love writing poems, maybe having a look at the autumnal outdoors could give you some ideas for a poem! I’ve got some inspiration for blog posts! 🙂 Maybe you love photography or something more academic like maths or science…whatever you love doing, I’d like to encourage you to try and find some inspiration from the season of autumn!

Colours – Well aren’t the autumn colours simply stunning and so beautiful? The reds, oranges, yellows, greens, browns or if I’m fancier – auburns and golds! If you’re like me and love some fashiony stuff – go dive into the season and incorporate the natural colours into your style! If you’re an artsy person, you could use those colours in your work!


♥ Learn – There is so much to learn from the seasons! I found a quote which reads…

Autumn, the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful. ~Heather A. Stillufsen

♥ Be you – Most of all, please don’t enjoy autumn the way everyone else does. Enjoy it in a way that you love the most. Sometimes, it might seem like we all need to love Pumpkin Spiced Lattes or aesthetic things to have a good autumn. If you like that kind of thing – great! If you don’t, that’s great too! 🙂 We’re all different so I think we need to spend this season in the way that suits us best.

I hope you will all have or are having a lovely autumn! 🙂

Lots of love,


I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Which one of these ways to ‘spice up’ your autumn do you like the most? Are you an autumn fan (it’s okay if not!)? How do you love to spend this season? What’s your favourite thing about autumn?


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50 Things You Could Do This Summer (Ideas)

50 Things You Could do This Summer - blog title

Hello my lovely Truuties,

Summer is on its way! I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to plan my summer properly so that I can make the most of it! 🙂 The first step (in my opinion) for planning the summer is having some ideas of what sort of things you might like to do. I had a think about it, came up with some things to do, looked online for more ideas and now have my own list. Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas for the summer and maybe help you plan in advance. I’ve added things that I personally won’t be doing but some of you lovely Truuties might like to do. So this is ’50 Things You Could Do This Summer’ (in no particular order)! 🙂

  1. Go for a walk in the countryside
  2. Go camping
  3. Go cycling
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Go to the beach
  6. Travel within the country you live in (e.g. explore the capital city)
  7. Make summery drinks (e.g. homemade lemonade, smoothie…)
  8. Make ice lollies
  9. Do lots of photography
  10. Have a photoshoot with friends
  11. Go shopping
  12. Try an unusual or new flavour of ice cream
  13. Do a charity event
  14. Write blog posts/start a blog
  15. Go to a different country
  16. Have your own pamper evening
  17. Put together a summer playlist
  18. Go strawberry picking
  19. Have a water fight
  20. Watch the sunrise
  21. Watch the sunset
  22. Get some new room decor/reorganise your room
  23. Have a tech-free day/s
  24. Do some gardening
  25. Practice a skill you want to improve on
  26. Invite a friend round for a sleepover
  27. Make a den outside (hehe)
  28. Spend time with family
  29. Spend time with friends
  30. Read a certain number of books
  31. Do some baking
  32. Make a fruit sorbet (e.g. watermelon sorbet)
  33. Go to a cafe and have a summery drink (e.g. smoothie)
  34. Go to the cinema
  35. Write a diary or keep a personal video diary
  36. Study
  37. Start a YouTube channel
  38. Do some art and craft
  39. Choreograph a dance/compose some music/write a poem…
  40. Start learning a new language
  41. Go to a concert
  42. Do some DIY
  43. Start a business
  44. Sort out stuff you don’t need any more
  45. Play sports
  46. Eat healthily
  47. Have a garden party/barbeque with friends and/or family
  48. Get a haircut/new hairstyle
  49. Relax and reflect
  50. Do what you enjoy

I know that nearly everyone (including me) won’t do all of the things on this list but I’d like to encourage you all to do number 50. Do what you enjoy. Whether you’re extremely busy, not busy at all or going through a hard time, try to enjoy your summer. It’s not about doing what the media tells you to do during this season. It’s not about what you’re expected to do. We don’t all enjoy spending our time in the same ways. It’s about finding what your heart tells you to do and choosing to do what brings you joy.

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

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I would love to hear from you in the comments!

What are you going to do in the summer? Please leave a comment sharing your own ideas!

My Morning Workout Routine


Hello my lovely Truuties,

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 is to have a better morning routine. So, I thought I’d write three posts to do with it: one about my morning devotional/Bible study, one about my morning skincare and one about my morning workout routine (which is today’s post)! I might have more ideas later and then I’ll add more blog posts to this sort of series called ‘My Morning’. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them! 🙂

As I wrote in my Q&A post, my favourite way to exercise is by dancing! There are a lot of health benefits which you can read about, if you like, by clicking here to see a page on a health website called ‘Dance – health benefits’.

Recently I’ve started using the dance workout videos on the Icon UK YouTube channel and they are so fun to do! (This is NOT sponsored by Icon.)

I always begin with a quick warm up which is only one minute and thirty-two seconds and it warms me up really well! It includes head rolls, head tilts, shoulder rolls, stretches (arms, ribs, legs) and cardio. You can watch the video just below:

There are lots of great dance workouts on Icon UK’s channel which are very quick and effective if you don’t have time to do a longer one. They are really enjoyable so I definitely recommend them! I’ve embedded the videos in this post (I only do one of these a day though):

Afterwards, it is really important to cool down to prevent aching the next day!

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Doing a bit of exercise every morning wakes me up, makes me feel more excited for the day, helps me enjoy breakfast even more and in the long-term, will keep me healthy!

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you have a favourite way to exercise? If you do, what is it? Have you written a post to do with your morning routine on your blog? If you have, please link it in a comment!

New Year’s Resolutions 2017


Hello my lovely Truuties,

Happy New Year! These are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 (in no particular order)! 🙂

Read more books. I used to read so much! However, in 2016 that book-worm side of me went away so this year I really want to bring it back again!

Do more house chores. I really need to help my mum and dad more with looking after the house and doing things like washing up (we don’t have a dishwasher hehe).

Improve my morning and night-time routines. In 2017 I would love to do my routines without being rushed and I would also like to add more things to do in my routines!

– Do more revision (that isn’t homework). It would be really helpful if I can do some extra revision from this year onwards! Maybe I can also do weekly or at least monthly revision so that I remember what I’ve learnt at school, for that period of time?

– Plan the time I spend on social media better. Most of the time I just go on my phone or laptop even when it isn’t my priority to do so. This needs to change!

– Learn more dance vocab. As someone who would like to include dance in their career, I don’t know enough vocabulary and technical terms! I hope that this year, I will spend more time learning them.

Cook more. I love cooking so I’d really like to do it more! Also, I think I should start making meals more often.

– Learn more kanji characters. I’m half Japanese so I really want to be good at the language. One of the things I need to work on is learning the kanji characters. (Kanji characters are one of the systems of writing in Japanese. An example is…日本, which means ‘Japan’)

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Making resolutions definitely helps me to kick start the new year! However, I still love making lots of goals and learning new things every day throughout the year! 🙂

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? If you do, what are they (if you don’t mind sharing)? Are any of your resolutions similar to mine?  If you’ve written a blog post like this, recently, please link it in a comment!

Tips for Making New Year’s Resolutions


Hello my lovely Truuties,

This is my sixth year of making New Year’s Resolutions. Although I’m not an expert, I think (considering that I’m still a young teenager) it’s safe to say that that’s now long enough to share with you all what I’ve learnt from making resolutions and what my thoughts are on them! 🙂

I hope you will find this helpful. If you have any tips that I haven’t mentioned in this post, please comment!

So these are my tips for making New Year’s Resolutions!

  • Reflect on the year just gone. Most people (including me) find that the easiest way to figure out what they’d like to improve on or start doing more is to think about what they did previously and what they were like before. Personally, by doing this, I can pick out where in my life I can see needs to change or improve!
  • Have your goals in mind. Whether you have a very clear idea of what you’d like to do in the future or not, think about what kind of things you would like to do with your life. Having my goals in mind definitely helps me to improve in the way that would allow me to reach them.
  • Prioritise. This links with the tip I mentioned above – what change or improvement is most important to help you to reach your goals? This helps me to determine what I need to work on the most in the next year and focus on that resolution.
  • Try to be quite realistic. One of my resolutions for last year was to read 24 books. Although that’s great, I didn’t think about how school and my whole life was getting busier and that it would get more difficult to read lots. If I’m totally honest with you, I hardly achieved that resolution at all…What do you think you’ll be able to achieve in one year?
  • Try not to put pressure on yourself to achieve all your resolutions. Unless you are someone who makes just one resolution, try not to think, ‘I need to succeed in all of them!!’. I find that it’s nicest to try your best without putting pressure on yourself. This way, it can have a positive effect! 🙂

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Please come back soon because I’ll hopefully have a post up on 1st January to share with you, my own New Year’s Resolutions!

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you have any tips that I haven’t mentioned in this post? If you do, please comment! Have you posted anything about New Year’s on your blog (if you have a blog)? If you have, please link it in a comment!

What I Like to do on Christmas Eve


Hello my lovely Truuties,

For me, Christmas Eve is a day for preparing the final things for Christmas day, enjoying time with family, as well as having a good night’s sleep so that I’m alert and awake for the next day. I know most people probably stay up quite late on Christmas Eve, hehe!

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you the kind of things I usually like to do on 24th December! 🙂


So in the morning, I like to wake up not too late but not too early because I want to make the most of the day whilst feeling awake! I like to try and be really productive on special days like this so I will definitely make my bed before anything else. Making my bed making me feel that I have made a good start to the day and it motivates me to do everything else. (Please comment if you would like to see a post about my morning routine!) Then I’ll open the last drawer in my advent truck!

Throughout the day, I spend lots of time with my family (or I could say ‘parents’ instead of ‘family’ because there are only three of us in our house hehe). At breakfast, it’s nice to chat and enjoy time together instead of rushing to finish eating like we would usually do on a normal school day. This year, another family thing today is a chat (on Google Hangouts) with my amazing grandparents, who live in Japan!

Sometimes on Christmas Eve, I do some baking with my mum, which is so lovely because I think it’s great to do what you love around Christmas time, especially with people you love! 🙂 This year, I did a lot of baking before today (24th December) and after lunch, I’m going to be taking some shortbread to some of our friends as a Christmas gift!

In the afternoon, I will play some games such as Dobble and Bananagrams with my mum and dad, which should be lots of fun! We will also make sure the house is looking Christmassy for tomorrow!

When having tea (or dinner…whatever you call the evening meal haha), during this season, I love watching a film or something on TV. I’m not a regular film or TV watcher but when it comes to Christmas-time, I am! 🙂 Today, we’re planning to watch ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’! I watched it for the first time last year and I really enjoyed it! If you haven’t seen it before, I recommend it for sure! (Especially if you’re someone like me who isn’t a big fan of the creepy and scariness of the Disney version!)

One of my favourite ways to wind down and relax before bed is to have a bath and use a nice bath bomb! Tonight I’ll be using one of the Lush ones that my half-brother and his family gave me for my birthday (Blackberry Bath Bomb). It has frankincense oil in it so I think it’s just right for this time of year!

The last thing I love doing is to have some ‘me-time’ in a hygge way! Imagine this…fairy lights are glowing, slow-paced Christmas music is playing, some lovely scented candles are lit and you’re sitting in bed with a calming drink like chamomile tea, wearing cosy pyjamas and warm fluffy socks. You’re feeling refreshed and happy after a nice bath. It’s not very late at night so you have time to relax for a while. You’re reading some of your favourite blogs, then afterwards you turn off all your electronics and read a book. Before going to bed, you write your thoughts in your diary or journal and then reflect on the day or maybe the week, the month or the year. When you’re feeling tired, you switch all the lights off and looking forward to the day ahead, you go to sleep. That’s what I really enjoy doing on special days like this. Personally, another thing I love doing before bed is to read a little bit of my Bible as it really encourages me and fills my mind with the good truth. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading this! Don’t forget to come back again tomorrow for another post! Have a lovely day!

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Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Did you enjoy reading this? Have you written any Christmassy posts recently? If you have, please link it in a comment and I will take a look! What do you usually do on Christmas Eve? What’s the purpose of Christmas Eve, for you?

Tips for Planning the Christmas Season!


Hello my lovely Truuties,

You know what’s on its way?! CHRISTMASSSSS!!!!

If you love Christmas and you want to enjoy it as much as you can, I think it is really important to plan this busy time of the year because with so much going on, things can start to get stressful and very chaotic. By planning, we can also make better use of our time and make the most of Christmas!

For me, personally, I feel that it is time for me to help my parents a lot more than before with planning this season and plan more things for my own benefit as well (I’ve grown up a lot through the past year) – to do this, I need to be organised! I have definitely learnt so much about being more organised recently, as my life has been getting busier. I think it’s great to share what we learn so these are my tips for planning the Christmas season!

  • Categorize – I find that the easiest way to plan is to put things in different sections. So to give you an idea of what I mean, these are the categories I have used: cards, gifts, outfits, photography, baking, blog posts, decoration, music playlist, shopping, advent, films, books, seeing friends and family, what I’ll do in the holidays and what I’ll do on Christmas day.
  • Write it down – This might seem quite obvious for most of you but this tip is so important so I had to include it anyway. If I don’t write my plans down (whether it’s in a notebook, a phone (or some kind of electronic device) or just a plain piece of paper) I will most likely forget nearly everything and my brain won’t feel organised (Does that make sense or is it just me haha?)! When you have written down your plans, you will be able to look back at it which is really helpful!
  • Plan when to plan or to do something – To organise my time, I like to plan when I will plan or do things. What I mean by this is, for example, the first thing I did to plan my Christmas cards was to write down when I will design them, on what date I will print them, on what dates I will write them and when I will give or send them to people. Until this year, I’d never been so precise with planning my Christmas cards and that resulted in panic, stress and cards given to people after Christmas! I really recommend this tip especially for those of you who often get things done last minute!
  • Prioritise – For me, deciding what to do for advent was one of the first things I had to plan because it starts quite a lot of days before Christmas day. Planning advent was a priority compared to planning Christmas day. By prioritising, we can make sure that we have enough time to plan everything!
  • Enjoy it – I love making planning fun by putting Christmas music on, using red and green Christmassy pens and sometimes having a nice drink (such as hot chocolate hehe) in my Christmas mug! This also gets me into a very festive mood so do whatever you find makes you feel festive and helps you love planning!

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And that’s it! I hope this has helped you in some way! I have more Christmassy posts coming soon so keep your eyes open for that! 🙂

Have fun planning!

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you have any tips for planning Christmas? Please share them in the comments! Are you looking forward to Christmas, like I am? Have you posted any Christmassy things on your blog? If you have, please link it in a comment and I will check it out!