50 Things You Could Do This Summer (Ideas)

50 Things You Could do This Summer - blog title

Hello my lovely Truuties,

Summer is on its way! I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to plan my summer properly so that I can make the most of it! 🙂 The first step (in my opinion) for planning the summer is having some ideas of what sort of things you might like to do. I had a think about it, came up with some things to do, looked online for more ideas and now have my own list. Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas for the summer and maybe help you plan in advance. I’ve added things that I personally won’t be doing but some of you lovely Truuties might like to do. So this is ’50 Things You Could Do This Summer’ (in no particular order)! 🙂

  1. Go for a walk in the countryside
  2. Go camping
  3. Go cycling
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Go to the beach
  6. Travel within the country you live in (e.g. explore the capital city)
  7. Make summery drinks (e.g. homemade lemonade, smoothie…)
  8. Make ice lollies
  9. Do lots of photography
  10. Have a photoshoot with friends
  11. Go shopping
  12. Try an unusual or new flavour of ice cream
  13. Do a charity event
  14. Write blog posts/start a blog
  15. Go to a different country
  16. Have your own pamper evening
  17. Put together a summer playlist
  18. Go strawberry picking
  19. Have a water fight
  20. Watch the sunrise
  21. Watch the sunset
  22. Get some new room decor/reorganise your room
  23. Have a tech-free day/s
  24. Do some gardening
  25. Practice a skill you want to improve on
  26. Invite a friend round for a sleepover
  27. Make a den outside (hehe)
  28. Spend time with family
  29. Spend time with friends
  30. Read a certain number of books
  31. Do some baking
  32. Make a fruit sorbet (e.g. watermelon sorbet)
  33. Go to a cafe and have a summery drink (e.g. smoothie)
  34. Go to the cinema
  35. Write a diary or keep a personal video diary
  36. Study
  37. Start a YouTube channel
  38. Do some art and craft
  39. Choreograph a dance/compose some music/write a poem…
  40. Start learning a new language
  41. Go to a concert
  42. Do some DIY
  43. Start a business
  44. Sort out stuff you don’t need any more
  45. Play sports
  46. Eat healthily
  47. Have a garden party/barbeque with friends and/or family
  48. Get a haircut/new hairstyle
  49. Relax and reflect
  50. Do what you enjoy

I know that nearly everyone (including me) won’t do all of the things on this list but I’d like to encourage you all to do number 50. Do what you enjoy. Whether you’re extremely busy, not busy at all or going through a hard time, try to enjoy your summer. It’s not about doing what the media tells you to do during this season. It’s not about what you’re expected to do. We don’t all enjoy spending our time in the same ways. It’s about finding what your heart tells you to do and choosing to do what brings you joy.

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

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I would love to hear from you in the comments!

What are you going to do in the summer? Please leave a comment sharing your own ideas!


My Relatable Inspiration

Hello, Truuties!

Is there someone who is so inspiring to you? Is there someone you can relate to a lot? Is there someone who motivates you to work towards your goals and dreams? For today’s post, I would like to write about a lovely dancer called Melodee Morita!

melodee morita website

How can I relate to Melodee Morita?

  • She is half Japanese but grew up in an English-speaking country.
  • She is a dancer.
  • She has a great passion for being healthy (diet, nutrition and exercise).
  • She is passionate about skincare.
  • She loves fashion and beauty.
  • She is bilingual.

All of those bullet points could be describing me, but I was actually describing Melodee Morita. It is so inspiring and motivating when there is someone you can relate to who has achieved very similar things to your own dreams.

What has Melodee Morita achieved that I would like to achieve too?

  • She has grown in confidence by stepping out of her comfort zone.
  • She is very fluent in Japanese although she has never lived there.
  • She is an interpreter.
  • She has helped many people through her YouTube channel. (I would like to help lots of people through my blog.)
  • She seems very organised with her time.
  • She is very healthy and is continuing to learn more and more about health.
  • She is a professional ballet dancer.

These are all goals that I would love to reach! Having found Melodee’s YouTube channel, I am now more encouraged that I really can make my dreams come true!

To find out more about Melodee Morita, please visit her YouTube channel and/or her website. She also has different social media accounts.

A message for all WordPress bloggers…

I would like to make this a new tag – what do you think? Anyone can do it but if you like you can nominate people for it. To do this tag, just write about your personal inspiration to whom you can relate to! Your readers might be inspired too! Please include the tag, #myrelatableinspiration with no spaces or capitals. I hope lots of you will take part in this!

Have a lovely day/night!

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you have a relatable inspiration? Had you heard of Melodee Morita before this post? Do you like the tag #myrelatableinspiration?

The Power of Smiles


Hello, Truuties!

I hope you are all well and are having a lovely day (And if you are in the UK, I hope you are having a lovely Mother’s Day!). If you’re not, I hope this post will cheer you up!

I’m so sorry for not sticking to my schedule of posting – I’ve been very busy recently. On Thursday, I had my grade 4 ballet exam! With all the extra ballet exam coaching, and practising at home on top of all my regular dance lessons (and homework for school!!), I haven’t had much time to be blogging. I’ve missed you, Truuties!


This is a rose from my dance teachers to wish good luck for the exam.

Reflecting on my ballet exam and thoughts on the power of smiles:

Something that my ballet teacher said to the class during an exam coaching lesson was this, “What’s the best thing to do when you have to do a dance you don’t enjoy doing, in an exam? Smile.”. This doesn’t just apply in ballet exams, it can apply to so many situations in life. For example, what do you not enjoy doing? It could just be small things like doing some difficult homework or cleaning the house. It can be slightly bigger things too, like giving a presentation at school (if you aren’t very confident) or working with someone you don’t get along with. It could even apply to bigger situations, can you think of any examples? Please leave a comment if you have thoughts on that.

Let’s re-phrase what my ballet teacher said. “Always SMILE when you have to do something you don’t enjoy doing.” Smiles make a very big difference.

The examiner at my ballet exam was smiling all the time, especially when I smiled too. This made me feel more at ease and confident during my exam. The examiner didn’t say anything big to encourage me during the exam but her lovely smile was so powerful that it encouraged me a lot.

Thinking about smiles, one of my new best friends is a ‘smiler’. Before I got to know her very well, I knew she was really kind because of her naturally beautiful smile. Her smile is what made me want to get to know her more and become good friends with her. Like the ballet examiner, her smile was so powerful.

Challenge: Over the coming week, I’m going to concentrate on smiling when I do things that I don’t particularly enjoy but I have to do. I’m also going to try and be really welcoming with my smile and make a ‘sparkling’ difference with my smile. I encourage you all to join me in this challenge and explore the power of smiles.

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Have you experienced the power of smiles? Are you going to join me in the challenge? Any other thoughts on this post?


Quote of the Day Challenge – extras

Hello Truuties!

I did the Quote of the Day Challenge recently and I really enjoyed doing it because I love quotes so much! If you haven’t read my posts for the challenge, here are the links:

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Today I want to share with you a few more of my favourite quotes and I thought I would nominate one more lovely person to do the challenge! Enjoy!

Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Mother Teresa


It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.



Look inside you. You are more than what you have become.

Mufasa from The Lion King



Ella Rose from dancingteen02!

Ella is a lovely blogger and is amazing so please visit her blog!

Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you like these quotes?

What Dance Has Given Me

Hello Truuties!

Since I haven’t done a post to do with dance yet, I thought I would write one for this week’s weekly post. I have only written a sentence or two, here and there, about dance, so many of you won’t know that I have a love for dance and am a passionate dancer! Whether you’re a dancer or not, please read this post if you like!

ballet-311004_1280 (1)

What has dance given me?

The opportunity to express myself through movement,

Confidence and the growth of my confidence,

A gift to share with others,

Another hand to hold my future,

Another way of spreading happiness,

The endless list of what it has given me.

There are so many things that dance has given me – much more than I have mentioned. For me, dance isn’t just a hobby or a sport; it’s a way of expressing myself through movement.

That feeling of being on stage, that feeling of being complimented by others.

That feeling of making people smile through passion and emotion.

I find it amazing how what you are passionate about can send smiles to so many faces and the difference it makes in your life.

I’d like to invite you all to join me in this mission to really work towards your dreams and what you are passionate about and to realise how much your passion can give you in your life and other people’s lives. You may not have found your real passion yet but you will one day – just keep on discovering what you can do.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in my dance life, for now I’ll keep on dancing, enjoy where I am at now and explore and receive things dance has given me and will continue to give me!


Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you like this style of post? Are you a dancer too? What do you think dance (or whatever your passion/gift is) has given you? What other kind of posts would you like me to post on my blog?

Quote of the Day challenge – day 3

Hello Truuties!


The third quote is:

You can’t fall if you don’t climb. But there is no joy in living your whole life on the ground.

I really like this quote because there is so much meaning in it. If you don’t get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, you won’t face failure but you won’t discover anything new. This makes me feel determined to climb and not stay on the ground.

My nominees for today are…

Amanda from scatteredjournalpages


Grace from pensandcastlesonacloud

Sorry if any of you have already done it (you can always do the challenge again though) or would not like to do it.

I will be back with more quotes and nominations even though this is day 3 of the challenge hehe!

Haven’t read my previous posts for this challenge?

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Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

What do you think about the quote?

Quote of the Day challenge – day 2

Hello Truuties!

This is the second quote:

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

Mother Teresa

I find this so motivating and powerful. It makes me feel excited each day to make people happy!

My nominees for today are…

Grace from graciellen (I found out that Grace posted the same quote when she did this challenge a while ago. Have we got a similar quote tastes? Hehe, *high five*! Please visit her blog if you haven’t already, it is really good and she is lovely!)

My Teenage Madness (Yes, I know, she has done the challenge before. That was a while ago though, so My Teenage Madness is welcome to do it again!)

Ambi from TheAmbivert

So many people have already done this challenge so even if my nominees have already done it, I tried to choose people who haven’t done it recently. Message to my nominees: Don’t feel the need to do the challenge if you don’t want to or are busy and don’t have time to. I will understand.

Have a good weekend! I will hopefully be back soon with my weekly post!

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Let me know what you think about today’s quote!