Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers - blog title

Hello my lovely Truuties,

I love Spring so much! The flowers are so beautiful.

It’s so lovely to see lots of flowers. Just looking at them and enjoying the outdoors makes me feel so peaceful and thankful for all the wonderful creations.

During the cold seasons, they have to persevere through the rough conditions but after that, when it gets warmer, they bloom and glow in the sunlight so stunningly and somehow they seem contagiously joyful. I think that can really help us to remember that if we persevere, we will come to know that it was worth it because of the amazing things that happen when we just keep on going with faith.


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Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you like Spring? What do you love about flowers? What are your thoughts on my thoughts?


21 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. These photos are beautiful, I love when the first flowers start coming up in spring and totally get what you mean about their contagious joy. Your message at the end is also really lovely and made me think, I love the comparison you’ve drawn between spring flowers and good things coming out of our lives when we go through difficulties and stay strong in our faith 💗💗💗xxx

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  2. Thank you Grace!! 💛 Yes the beginning of Spring is always so lovely. 🙂 I’m super happy to hear that this has made you think! ❤️❤️❤️ xxxxx


  3. Yes! Spring is a lovely season. The earth has taken a rest. Then a new growing season begins for all who stop and appreciate nature to see. I especially love lilacs. They don’t last long on their bush, but they hang on for as long as they can. Perserverence is certainly key to sustaining life…no beating around the bush allowed!

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  4. I nominated you for the Blog-aholic Award! (If you haven’t been nominated already) Details are on my latest post but don’t feel in any way forced to do it! I love your blog and I think you deserve it💗

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  5. Thank you so much Emma! ❤️ I might do it but I’m not sure because I don’t usually post that kind of thing on my blog. I really appreciate the nomination though! Thank youuuu 😘


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