My Morning Workout Routine


Hello my lovely Truuties,

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 is to have a better morning routine. So, I thought I’d write three posts to do with it: one about my morning devotional/Bible study, one about my morning skincare and one about my morning workout routine (which is today’s post)! I might have more ideas later and then I’ll add more blog posts to this sort of series called ‘My Morning’. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them! 🙂

As I wrote in my Q&A post, my favourite way to exercise is by dancing! There are a lot of health benefits which you can read about, if you like, by clicking here to see a page on a health website called ‘Dance – health benefits’.

Recently I’ve started using the dance workout videos on the Icon UK YouTube channel and they are so fun to do! (This is NOT sponsored by Icon.)

I always begin with a quick warm up which is only one minute and thirty-two seconds and it warms me up really well! It includes head rolls, head tilts, shoulder rolls, stretches (arms, ribs, legs) and cardio. You can watch the video just below:

There are lots of great dance workouts on Icon UK’s channel which are very quick and effective if you don’t have time to do a longer one. They are really enjoyable so I definitely recommend them! I’ve embedded the videos in this post (I only do one of these a day though):

Afterwards, it is really important to cool down to prevent aching the next day!

heart design

Doing a bit of exercise every morning wakes me up, makes me feel more excited for the day, helps me enjoy breakfast even more and in the long-term, will keep me healthy!

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you have a favourite way to exercise? If you do, what is it? Have you written a post to do with your morning routine on your blog? If you have, please link it in a comment!


13 thoughts on “My Morning Workout Routine

  1. Oh, this is really helpful! I’ve been wanting to get healthy and exercise for a long while now, and these seem like fun (partially because I love dancing but haven’t been able to take a class in years).

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  2. Yes they are so fun! ❤️ Thank you. 😊Well I didn’t do it much in the half term holidays but in the term-time, yes, I did it every morning and I’m hoping to continue to do so! xxxxx

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  3. Hi Grace, just wondering if you were saying that you were impressed that I do all the workouts every morning??? Sorry I might not have made it clear that I do a warm up, just one of those dance workouts and then a cool down…hehe but sorry if you didn’t misunderstand at all xxxx

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  4. Don’t worry haha I understood what you meant!:) Also since reading our post I have started doing little 3 minute workout videos in the morning before school because I felt really inspired!! xxx

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