Truutiful Thoughts?


Hello Truuties!

So I was thinking, I could have something on my blog called ‘Truutiful Thoughts’. Like my blogging name, Truuty, and like what I call my readers, Truuties, this thing (that I will explain in a minute) is called ‘Truutiful Thoughts’.

What is ‘Truutiful Thoughts’? On my blog (which is where you are now), one of my main aims is to share my thoughts and opinions. You might ask, what kind of thoughts? I mean, things that dance around in my mind and want to be heard about – thoughts about life, my life, other people’s lives, life skills, the wonders of life, the big questions of life and so many more things! I’m a thinker and I want to reflect on my thoughts and share them through my blog.

I’m not sure if that makes sense because sometimes I know things make sense to me but they don’t to other people because everyone thinks differently. I will let you know that ‘Truutiful Thoughts’ posts might not always make sense haha but I will try my best to write them in an understandable way.

My ‘Truutiful Thoughts’ posts won’t be scheduled and I won’t have specific days to post them on because I want to share my thoughts whenever I feel like I need to or would like to. Thoughts aren’t really scheduled, or are they? What do you think? Are thoughts scheduled in any way?

I hope you will enjoy my ‘Truutiful Thoughts’ posts!

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you like the idea of ‘Truutiful Thoughts’? Do you have any suggestions for ‘Truutiful Thoughts’? Are you a thinker? Do you have something like ‘Truutiful Thoughts’ on your blog (if you have a blog)?


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