New Year’s Resolutions 2016

Hello Truuties!

Happy New Year!

Since I was in Year 3 I have given myself New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve always done really well at the resolutions within the first couple of months but after a while, the year goes on and I forget about the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year.

This year I want to really make a difference and my main goal is to be more organised. These are my New Year’s Resolutions:

– Keep my room very tidy and organised. I know, that’s the one that everyone does. But seriously, I want my room to be organised and I don’t want to worry about how my room looks when friends come round. Also, having a tidy room really clears your mind. (My room isn’t that untidy, I would like it to be tidier though.)

– Practise dance at home and not just in lessons. You may or may not know this but I have a massive passion for dance. I want to achieve big things with dance and I want to grow my skills and talents. However, to do that, I can’t just go to 3 dance lessons a week. I have to practise at home and work really hard (Especially when I have a ballet exam coming up!!).

– Do all my homework quickly and well. As I said, my goal this year is to be more organised. Doing homework plays a big role in ‘being organised’. If I get all my homework done quickly, I will get the leftover time to do other things (like blogging!). But I can’t just do it quickly, I need to continue to make good progress and impress the teachers hehe!

– Get the times right. I just cannot wake up at 8 am on week days! To be able to wake up, I’m someone who has to go to sleep at the right time too. So…Truuty…don’t go to bed at 11 pm! Maybe by 9 pm?

– Study more Japanese. If you have read my about page you will know that I am half Japanese. I’d like to become more fluent in the language and since my mum is a Japanese teacher, she can teach me! (By the way I can speak in Japanese already but I want to be better at it.)

– Read at least 24 proper books through the year. This may seem like not very many books to you or it may seem like a lot. I used to read so many books and even though I still do, I haven’t been reading as much. Reading books does take up a lot of time and because I want to organize my time I am aiming for just 24 books. (Obviously I can read more if I have time though!)

– Be more confident and get out of my comfort zone more.  I want to challenge myself more and achieve more things that I have never done before. If I don’t become a more confident person, I won’t progress in life as much as I would like to.

– Keep being happy and positive. Over years I have become more and more of a positive person. I want to keep that up because being optimistic makes life better and really fun!

– Go outside more. I spend quite a lot of time outside already but not as much as I’d like to. Also, when the weather gets cold I don’t go outside and get fresh air as much as I would in warm/hot weather. It would be really nice to spend more time outside!

– Spend less time on electronics. I use my laptop quite a lot (and maybe my phone too hehe). Sometimes I waste time watching Youtube and things like that. I’m not going to stop using my laptop, I’m just going to organise when I use it.

– Be really healthy (in terms of food). I guess I would already call myself healthy. I just want to be even healthier and if I want to do that…I’ll have to cut down on one of my favourite drinks, hot chocolate! (I will still have hot chocolate, just not as much.)

– Cook more meals. I don’t cook very much so I think it will be nice to make the meals at home sometimes and help out!

– Actually remember my resolutions and put them into action. One of my resolutions is to do my resolutions (Does that make sense?). Haha, I didn’t think of having that as a resolution until this year!!

I hope I haven’t bored you with this kind of long post! Sorry if I have! I tried my best to make it as interesting possible!

I wish you all the best for 2016!

Lots of love,

Truuty xx

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you set yourself resolutions for the new year?  I would love to hear some of your resolutions! Are any of your resolutions similar to mine? What are you looking forward to in 2016? 


45 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions 2016

  1. These are great resolutions! I wish I could speak another language fluently, that must be so cool having a language teacher for a mum. I just put up a post about my resolutions, actually, if you’re interested! x

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  2. i’m working to speak french fluently and i’m ashamed to say this but i’ve been trying to clean my bedroom for weeks now and i’m sitting in a pile of clothes right now . i agree with you that it is hard to keep resolutions or goals . good luck with yours

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  3. Cool, I’m sure you’ll master French fluently soon! I’m trying to learn French (from scratch!).
    Haha, I understand you so much! I hope the cleaning/tidying goes well!
    Thank you for the ‘good luck’! xx

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  4. I don’t usually set resolutions for myself, but this year I have, including reading 60 books as well as more classics. Also, I want to properly re design my blog. As it is my first year properly setting myself resolutions, I thought, lets start easy haha! 🙂

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  5. i love your resolutions! especially the one about being happy and speaking another language fluently. good luck with these! happy new year xx

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  6. Hi! Thank you!
    That’s so cool! Another dancer in the blogosphere! *high five*
    I’ve always been dancing! I danced around the house when I was a toddler and even when I was in my mum’s tummy (This is what my parents told me, obviously I don’t remember this!!) I kicked my legs in time to the music! I’ve taken dance lessons since I was 5 or 6 though. What about you?
    Thank you for saying ‘great post’! xx

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  7. Aww, this is such a lovely post! I love all of your resolutions, I’m also aiming to cook more and go outside more this year! I love being outside but it’s so easy when you’re at home to not be bothered to go out on a walk or something, even though it always makes me so much more relaxed and happy haha 🙂 lots of love ❤️xx

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  8. I should really set resolutions each year. I’ve tried in the past, but haven’t been very successful. This seems like a very well-rounded list!! Best of luck you keep them and a happy new year 😀
    The last one is definitely one I should be doing xDD

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  9. Thank you for commenting! 🙂
    I think a new year is a nice time to set resolutions but you can give yourself resolutions any time! Maybe you will be successful one day! xx

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  10. haha soo relatable resolutions, about the cooking one, I don’t know about you, but id keep away from chopping onions!!!! and also, is theer any way i could do the unknow blogger challenge?!

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  11. Yes, you can definitely do the challenge!! xx I nominated everyone with under 100 followers 🙂 Just check out the link that I put on the post. The link is to the original post by Unfashionable Cupcake. You will find the rules and information there.

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